Research & Development


Positioning TGOD as a Global Brand
The Four Proposed R&D Facilities Are Expected to Generate Diverse Product Offerings & Intellectual Property


Facility I – Oil Extraction

  • $3.42 million – estimated budget
  • Modular Extraction Lab in Ontario
  • Status: Completed

Facility III – Licensed Dealer Ontario

  • $4.31 million estimated budget
  • 7,000 sq. ft. facility in Ontario
  • Status: Expected completion Q4, 2018

Facility II – Genetics & Breeding

  • $4.98 million – estimated budget
  • 2,700 sq. ft. facility in Quebec
  • Status: Expected completion Q2, 2018

Facility IV – Licensed Dealer Quebec

  • $17.55 million estimated budget
  • 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Quebec
  • Status: Expected completion Q3, 2018


Facility I – Oil Extraction

  • January 2018 – Ontario extraction facility completed & March 2018 – First oil production run scheduled
  • TGOD acquired a 40L supercritical CO2 fluid extraction unit
  • Production will scale in line with continued expansion
  • Oils will be extracted from our high-quality organic product line, closely replicating the terpene profile of the original plant
  • Organic Inputs + Organic Process = Organic Output
  • Organic starting material
  • Oils will be produced without the use of ethanol or other potentially harmful secondary/co-solvents
  • Organic Cannabis Oils & Organic Capsules
  • Concentrates, including Vape Pens and Cartridges
  • Edibles, including Beverages
  • Topical including body butters
  • Sublingual Sprays, intensive skin repair, body oils
  • CBD Focused SKUs – CBD Cosmetics, CBD Sports Drinks, CBD Whey Powders, CBD Vape Pens/Oils, and CBD Topicals
  • Medical Delivery Formats: Sublingual tablets, inhaler (liquid & powder), and sublingual wafers


lab plant

Facility II – Genetics & Breeding

  • Constructing a purpose-built genetics and breeding facility in Quebec
  • Upon completion, the breeding facility will allow expedited licensing from Health Canada for the Valleyfield property

  • The Quebec breeding facility will allow the Company to develop proprietary strains of cannabis-based on market demands

  • Investing in research, in partnership with universities, to develop IP in the areas of cultivation, automation, plant biology and data analytics

  • Germinating seeds, in-vitro clonal propagation activities and developing optimized genetics for large-scale production

  • TGOD plans to implement selective breeding techniques to improve traits in Cannabis reducing the industry’s need to rely on pesticides

glove holding marijuana

Facility III – Licensed Dealer Ontario

  • A Dealers License allows for Research & Development, analytical testing and conducting clinical studies on cannabis
  • Conduct tests at different points in the development to better understand the causal relationships in flower development and maturation

  • Through R&D TGOD is advancing the use of cannabinoids by placing a focus on the refinement of genetics for disease-resistant strains

  • TGOD aims to craft new formulations with varying cannabinoid levels to find the best dosage delivery methods; and to combine cannabinoids with other drugs or supplements to improve the effectiveness

  • The proposed development of a portfolio of patented cannabinoid-based medicines

  • TGOD is in partnership discussions with leading Canadian and International Universities on research addressing a multitude of conditions


Facility IV – Licensed Dealer Quebec

  • Full suite of research and testing capabilities

  • Fully equipped microbiology laboratory

  • Research and analytical testing laboratory

    R&D for:

      • disease resistance, pest control, avenues to
        prevent or control systemic disease
      • Understand genetics responsible for plant architecture

  • Genetic repeatability and phenotype expression efforts for cannabis tissue culture

  • Goal to understand genealogy and generate reliable, repeatable production of cannabis directly from seeds

Agricultural Intelligence

  • Breeding and refinement of genetics R&D

  • Research new strain varieties with novel traits (ie. Cannabinoids, terpenes and disease resistant strains)

  • R&D on novel traits can lead to clinical trails both domestically and internationally

Micro-propagation R&D Work

  • Micropropagation can allow us to plant clean, sterile and standardized starting materials resulting in plants growing equally, consistently and free of viruses, disease, bacteria and other pathogens carried over from the mother plant
  • This can reduce crop loss and provide a myriad of other economic and qualitative benefits

stages of micropropagation