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Can Cannabis Help Quiet the Mind to Meditate?

Image via Unsplash | MCKAY CASTON

Meditation is one of the most suggested natural cures of our generation. Anyone who’s experienced anxiety or depression in the past decade has likely had a friend, family member, or medical professional advise them to consider meditating—even for a few minutes a day.

Meditation has been shown to help people manage depressive symptoms and Post-traumatic Stress and decrease chronic pain levels. It’s known for reducing symptoms of anxiety and lowering overall stress levels. Even still, many of us know this but find it hard to make meditating  a daily habit.

Some people find it difficult to clear their minds and become present. It’s said that these people are the ones who need meditation the most. Once they work through the initial discomfort of stilling themselves, they are likely to experience a new sense of calm.

Quieting the Mind to Meditate

We have cannabinoid receptors in the mood, behaviour, and thought areas in our brains. When we consume cannabis, these receptors uptake the cannabinoids naturally present in the plant. This gives us a pathway to calm our minds.

As always, too much of a good thing can be bad. It has to be said that some strains and types of cannabis can exacerbate anxiety. Consuming high-THC sativas before meditating could backfire. Remember that everyone reacts to cannabis differently, so start low and go slow.

Non-psychoactive CBD indicas are shown to promote relaxation and help curb anxiety. They may be able to help you quiet your mind and focus on meditating.

Meditations for Beginners

It’s not all sitting and “Om”ing. Here’s a few other options to get you going:

Walking Meditation

Think of one positive thing or nothing at all. Focus on the thing or the nothingness. Notice the weight of your feet on the pavement or dirt, your breath, the feel of fresh air on your face. Some people find it helpful to consciously count their steps and sync their breaths.

Self-Affirming Meditation

We all need more self-love and positive affirmations. Picking a key phrase that represents our truth and hopes and repeating it over and over can help us believe when we lose faith and still when we’re in chaos.

Some examples include:

“I operate from a place of self-love at all times.”

“I believe I can improve.”

“I am grateful for my life.”

“I have people who love me and respect me as I already am.”


A personal favourite, the beditation is a great way to say goodbye to another day. Lay down under the covers with your body connected at the soles of your feet. Place your hands over your belly and practice deep breathing. Once you’re comfortable with this, add in some thoughts of gratitude and drift off to sleep.

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